V30 Software Access
V30 Software Access Download:
Activation code: Z742QV3BR9ZC4FN4
How to use
V30 software Spin 3 times and enter these 3 last numbers into our V30 software so the last numbers spun goes to the right side of the number field. Then “Validate” 3 numbers to bet next.
Wait 10-15 spins before starting to bet! Your number should come out in 1-20 spins, so we advise you to increase your bets after every 3 spins by 1 unit.
Stop loss:
It rarely happens, but in case your number didn´t show up after 25 spins, you stop playing and change the table, also “Validate” new 3 numbers.
Roulette Algorithm Calculator – (Evolution Gaming Live Roulette)
This tool is created for live roulette. It analyzes the logarithm and speed of the wheel giving you the recommended prediction in 1,5 seconds. Its developed for online live roulette where the betting time is only 15-20 seconds, but you can use it at your local land based casino as well.
You don´t have to download anything. This tool is available to use directly from our members area.
How to install V30 – Windows PC
How to install V30 – Mac iOS
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