V30 Software Access
V30 Software Access Download:
Activation code: Z742QV3BR9ZC4FN4
How to use
V30 software Spin 3 times and enter these 3 last numbers into our V30 software so the last numbers spun goes to the right side of the number field. Then “Validate” 3 numbers to bet next.
Wait 10-15 spins before starting to bet! Your number should come out in 1-20 spins, so we advise you to increase your bets after every 3 spins by 1 unit.
Stop loss:
It rarely happens, but in case your number didn´t show up after 25 spins, you stop playing and change the table, also “Validate” new 3 numbers.

Profit Sharing Option

We are now offering profit sharing option where we play roulette using your casino account.

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How to install V30 – Windows PC
How to install V30 – Mac iOS